Get ready- here comes the next instalment of the top 100 GGS events……

Here we go, numbers 31-40 of the top GGS events- enjoy!!

  • Shell Football Zone, Qatar – Sport Promotion

For Qatar National Sports Day 2015 we worked with our local partners to create and deliver a range of activations and events for major brands and companies in Doha.


  • Jaguar Energy Drinks Kick-Point @ MCFC – Brand Promotion

As a one-off promotion we activated our Kick-Point Electronic Goal for Jaguar Energy Drinks in the fantastic Manchester City Fan Plaza with LED Lights and full branding.


  • McCains UK Athletics Roadshow – Roadshow

Following on from the Norwich Union sponsorship we designed, built and activated the full roadshow structure and activities across the UK.

  • RBS Andy Murray Tennis Event – Sport Promotion

To support his sponsorship by RBS we assisted their sponsorship agency with a training event including our Tennis Game Frame and Speed Serve technology for young aspiring players.

Andy Murray

  • Pot Noodle Gladiator Ring – Brand Promotion

As one of our stranger brand promotion enquiries we were asked to create a Gladiator Style inflatable ring with Pugil poles shaped like ingredients – we did it:

  • Fulham FC Fan Days – FanZone

As part of our on going portfolio of events and services for Fulham FC we deliver MatchDay Fan Zones in Bishops Park.

  • Guinness Premiership Rugby Final – FanZone

The Rugby Premiership Final is a regular fixture for us and over the years we have created complete FanZones using our own equipment and those supplied to their clubs as well.


  • SportsFanPark Twickenham 7s – FanPark

We took the plunge and created our very own SportsFanPark at Twickenham to coincide / support the 7s. With a variety of sports and games the whole event was a massive success.

  • Robinsons “Measure-Up Zone” – Sport Promotion

Using Game Frame and bespoke branding we created a sporting “Measure-Up Zone” for Robinsons in Ireland. Visitors & participants can compare their height and abilities with famous athletes etc.


  • Bolton FC Powerleague Tournament – Sport Promotion

Using our range of inflatable pitch surrounds we delivered an on-pitch tournament for Barclays at the Reebok Stadium. Pitch, staff and event management created an unforgettable event.



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