Haven’t booked an event for the World Cup yet? It’s not too late…….

Here at GGS International we can handle last minute!!  We have a huge range of football based activities & games in stock in our warehouse in Buckinghamshire and are ready to activate anywhere in the UK with as little as 1 day notice!!  So if you want to get an activity installed at your workplace for the duration of the tournament or a one off event for a specific match we can help.

Our top 5 recommendations for football activities are:

Target Cage:

Our most popular activity- try and kick the ball through one of the numbered holes.  The target cage comes in the form of an inflatable or trussing cage and can be used indoors or outdoors.  If you go for the inflatable version you can even dry hire it, so come & collect it, run your event and return it (it will fit in the back of an SUV/estate size car).  The inflatable version even comes in a variety of colours (please check on booking for availability).


Speed Cage:

Similar to the Target Cage, but instead of a backdrop with holes to kick the ball through we place a Speed Radar behind which shows the speed in which the ball is kicked- simple!!  We will provide a member of staff to assist with the radar.  Please contact us for a cost.



Power Save:

If you are looking for an eye catching spectacular that will draw in the crowds- this is it!!  The Power Save is great as it gives 2 participants to have a go at the same time- one goes in goal and one tries to score.  Great fun for everyone!!


Electronic kit:

Looking for something more high-tech?  Try our Batak, football reaction wall or dribble floor- they can be used with our electronic scoring system too which gives you a complete package should you need to record the results.  Perfect for in-office events as they don't need much room- we have head to head versions for Batak and the dribble floor too if you need an element of competition!!


Looking for something different?

We have created Crazy Foot Golf for a brand new challenge!!  We have a few different holes so you can set up your own mini course with varying degrees of difficulty.  For a head to head challenge try our Foot Pong.  These are great activities- fun for all ages!!


Whatever you do to celebrate the World Cup we hope you have an amazing experience!!

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