Active in the Community


Blaneau Gwent


To provide a variety of multi sport inflatable games that can be used at any location as part of the of the ‘Active in the Community’ project.


In partnership with the local Police, the equipment is used on a weekly basis to provide a free evening of activities for young people. As it is set up in a car park in the town centre, it is easily accessible and gives young people the opportunity to drop in, find out more and participate. This initiative has been highly successful, engaging youths in an area where there is little provision and therefore lowering the incidence of anti-social behaviour.
The equipment is further used at council fun and family days, as well as at charity events. As a great product it is very much in demand! “ the pitch has been a huge asset to us, it allows us to perform work in areas we were not able to before. It’s very visual and attracts people young and old to it”- Greg Morgan.


The first Street Sports Court that has been designed and built for skill based 3 a-side matches. The speed cage and target backdrop enables participants to hit, kick or throw as hit as they can as used in across a range of sports. The various sized holes in the target backdrop provides quite the challenge!


This is a great tool to promote inclusion and the partnership is thrilled with the success. The record at the moment is at least 100 young people at the drop in session!


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