“Be A Sports Star” Olympic Challenge


GlobalGames®Sports were requested to create a cutting edge event activation zone for a sponsor client. The aim; to engage with their staff and families and also members of the public visiting during a major sporting event.
The concept was intended to reflect a range of sports (from the Olympic Games) all of which would be fully branded and housed within our Sports Game Frame structures.

The Event:

The event consisted of the following activation zones and event contents:

  • Basketball SkillBall
  • Football Kick-Point
  • Batak Reaction Wall
  • Double Fencing Accuracy Wall
  • Hockey Penalty Flick Cage
  • Podium & Photo Wall
  • Big Screen Leaderboard
  • Double Wii Activity Zone
  • Full Event Staffing & Logistics
  • The Results:

    The event was a massive success for the client providing a really unique experience for their staff and the ability to raise the public perception of their involvement with the Olympic Games.
    Also they engaged in Data Capture exercises with each participant filling in a scorecard which added their details to the Big Screen Leaderboard but also provided the Data Capture requirements of the clients.
    Overall the event was deemed a great success by the client, agency and public visitors.


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