City of Sao Paulo – Brazil


City of Sao Paulo


To take engaging activities and sports directly into the poorest neighbourhoods / Favelas of Sao Paulo.

To create temporary sports participation facilities, in otherwise unusable spaces, and also to build social interaction programmes for all members of the community.


Phase 1 – taking inflatable pitches and games into the community to create eye-catching, high impact, activities. Local community tournaments and coaching created first steps to social integration.
Phase 2 (to be implemented late 2010 / Early 2011) – integrate “Urban Activation” skills and education programme to empower local community to utilise and benefit from their environment.


Phase 1 saw a team of 3-4 staff travelling into the Favelas and setting up the games. Everything had to be self sufficient with generators etc and required extensive negotiation and planning with local government.


The results of Phase 1 are still being collected and calculated but the immediate feedback and results of the events were massively successful with incredible feedback and responses from the community, councils and governing bodies.


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