On the weekend of the 24th & 25th May 2008 the world’s first SportsFanPark was installed and run at Twickenham Stadium by GLOBALGAMESSPORTS.


This innovative and exciting project was the culmination of months of hard work by the GLOBALGAMESSPORTS team to capitalize on the knowledge gained with work on the entire FanPark concept and also to showcase the Games, Activities and Event Management skills that we can offer.

The SportsFanPark consisted of over 20 games and activities along with management of power, queuing and also structures to allow for wet weather (which we did have, in abundance!)
What did we learn?

  • First and foremost the concept really works
  • The fans really liked the concept and got involved
  • All Day Access passes for kids were massively popular and effective
  • People do want to make more of their match day experience and gain more value
  • Using scorecards made the event competitive as well as fun, attracting varying ages
  • Managed properly a FanPark can be a massive financial benefit to the owner


An event of this size provides many challenges as well as plus points and from our experience at Twickenham we have learnt:

  • A targeted and fluent advertising campaign, from all parties, is essential
  • Increased signage and pro-active marketing helps enormously
  • Providing more detail about each activity (and a site map)
  • Using famous players and stars to compete before- hand to set the scoring standards

Overall, FanParks are here to stay and will become increasing popular as clubs, unions and brands seek new and effective ways to entertain their fans, and GLOBALGAMESSPORTS offer it all.

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