Jason Roberts Foundation


Jason Roberts Foundation


The relationship between GGS and the Jason Roberts Foundation continues to succeed with a programme of events taking place. The charity aims to provide sporting opportunities for children in both the UK and Caribbean, as well as enhancing educational achievement.


To encourage young people to participate in sport and experience the range of benefits associated with physical activity. The chosen activities need to be interactive, fun and encourage young people to lead a healthy lifestyle.


As part of a coaching programme GGS supplied the ‘Be a Sportsman’ package which consists of 5 cages with different games in each. Each game is designed to test a different fitness component.
This is used at intervals to compliment the training activities and small sided games. The recent family orientated day in Uxbridge included the speed cage and radar, with all the family attempting to beat the top score of 45mph!


The trust has provided a Photographer and professional players to use the equipment, interact with the young people and raise the profile of the trust.


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