Kick-Point – Commercial Football Activation

The Product:

Kick Point is a free standing electronic football goal that can track and record where the ball is kicked and at what speed.
The screen displays to the player and the audience which section of the goal the ball should be kicked into and the player then aims for their chosen target position.
Every player receives a certificate at the end of the game, which shows the individual goal shooting data as well as information about the speed and placement of the shots.

The Event:

The project was run in conjunction with a large multi-brand sports chain in the Middle East called GO SPORTS.
We came up with a concept to offer 3 discount kicks using the Kick-Point activity with the screen displaying different percent- ages ranging from 7% downwards with the largest possible discount in three kicks been 21% where the player would need three top corners hits.
The uptake from customers was fantastic with the location next to entrance bringing plenty of passers by into the store.

The Results:

The event was held over two days, with over 400 players per day taking part and a total of 223 using the discount certificates of various amounts in store on the day to purchase items.
Sales for the two days were 18% up on the average for the same date the previous week and have since completed the event two more times.
We are also currently discussing the option of operating the system in the store using individual brands for per day including, ADIDAS, NIKE, REEBOK, PUMA.



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