McCain’s Potatolympics


McCain’s Potatolympics


To provide an exciting and fun environment to promote McCains’ ranges of products.


To create a touring roadshow that would visit major public events (such as balloon festival, county shows etc).

The event would need to be a fun spectacle providing interaction and activities for all age groups along with additional space and facilities to include sampling of new products.


The McCain’s Potatolympics were born.
The whole activity programme was enclosed in an inflatable “stadium”.

The activities took part in the central arena and included a food related obstacle course around the track, “pea Flinging” with a giant catapult and the Bungee Rosti building (players collected giant food items from the shelves behind them and ran out to build a giant rosti).


GLOBALGAMESSPORTS produced all of the roadshow equipment to meet the client’s operational needs.

In this instance GLOBALGAMESSPORTS was not involved in the actual delivery or operation of the games.


We worked closely with the agency and staff to ensure all crew were fully aware of their responsibilities and all set-up details.


Strong media coverage in local press, trade publications and across regional television.


Massive impact with huge participating numbers over approximately 9 events.


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