McCain’s & UK Athletics


McCain’s & UK Athletics (on behalf of Fast Track)


To provide an eye-catching and inspirational mobile venue to engage people and introduce the new sponsorship of Grassroots Athletics by McCain’s.


To spread the word about McCain Track & Field, with the Roadshow Dome touring the country, giving a taste of all that athletics has to offer. Offering a chance for some hands-on fun as young and old alike get to test themselves against friends and family in a range of amazing activities.

The McCain Track & Field Roadshows take place in city centres around the country just before key athletics meets in each area.


GLOBALGAMESSPORTS assessed all viable options within budget, including site visits. All activities were delivered on-site, on schedule and within budget. Storage of equipment, clothing and promotional materials was achieved at our London warehouse.


We worked closely with the agency and coaching staff and provided event staff and managers to run the whole event.


With a new brand entering the GrassRoots Sport mix it is always difficult to make an impact, but the McCains Roadshow achieved this easily.

The central 15m Dome had 4 Activity Pods, and Entrance Tunnel and 20m Sprint Tunnel attached to the sides creating an incredible event / activity space.

Inside this massive activity zone were specific areas testing and teaching: Health & Well-Being; Speed; Throwing; Jumping; Strength; Reactions


The first two events in 2009 have seen an average of 2,500 people participating in the McCain’s Track & Field Roadshow .


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