Mizuno Performance Centre


GlobalGames®Sports were engaged by prestigious performance sportswear brand Mizuno to consult with and deliver activation opportunities for their Performance Centre in London during the Summer of 2012.
The Mizuno Performance Centre was designed to allow the public and athletes to test the brand’s performance sportswear on the exact sports surfaces on which they would normally be used and against sophisticated sports challenges and games.

The Activation:

This was live from the 24th July to the 12th August at Centre Point in the heart of London. Participants were then able to add their names to the Performance Leaderboard as well as compete against their friends and premium athletes.
The unique activities we supplied were:
Kick-Point Football Challenge combining the speed and accuracy of the player’s shot
Handball Challenge detecting and displaying the speed and accuracy of the player’s throw
Shadow Runner this Augmented Reality challenge allows participants to race against the fastest man over 20m

The Results:

The whole event was a massive success for Mizuno who welcomed over 9,000 members of the public, IOC members and elite athletes through the doors of Centre Point.
For us it was a great way to link up with such a prestigious brand and to showcase our products and design and management capabilities in such an important summer of sport.
Shadow Runner was undoubtedly the star of the show and the bespoke concept is gathering interest and momentum across the range of sports activation opportunities.

Handball Speed

Kick-Point Football

Shadow-Runner Sprint

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