MTN FanPark





To provide a proposal for the development, productiona dn implementation of a range of FanParks to support and enhance MTN’s sponsorship of the World Cup 2010.


• An hourly capacity of 1000 – 1500 guests
• Budget. No budget set.
• Ideally the FanPark needs to repay the capital investment as quickly as possible
• Key peripherals that need to be evaluated are set-up, dismantling and storage
• The park should provide its participants with ‘something different’ that keeps its appeal
• Our core age bracket is 11-25 year old male and females, but not excluding other age groups • Disabled access must be integral
• There should be a range of activities that are suitable for all to participate on/in
• It should be non-exclusive across all areas


GLOBALGAMESSPORTS commissioned our FanPark experience consultants Vision XS, to provide a report on the effectiveness, quality and commercial viability of a ‘Fan Park’ for MTN. The report was intended to underpin the feasibility of designing, manufacturing and delivering a series of FootballFanParks.

The images below highlight the suggested FootballFanPark layout and contents as formulated using our event and design experience and Vision XS’ X-Mod technology.

This particular FanPark can accommodate 1,000 people per hour and offers activity, interest and competition for age groups from 2 – 65+.

It is ideally suited to a Football supporting crowd but retains a professional and corporate appearance (see following pages), to make it an essential part of an experiential campaign during a major tourna- ment but also the cornerstone of a legacy campaign after the “main event” (each item can be used independently or as smaller packages and thus is ideal for coaching clinics, schools and roadshows).


The full FanPark would contains 45 games and activities and would be transported and stored in 2 x articulated trailers.
Over 2000 metres of power cables would be required as well as over 360 metal ground stakes, several thou- sand metres of guy ropes and much more.


A full complement of operational staff would be 55 with event managers and 2 x event directors overseeing the safe and efficient operation of the park.


The ROI of a Park of this size is enormous. Each individual component is calculated to offer a full Return on Investment within 5-10 working days.

Alongside this there are additional revenue streams as a result of the entire package, such as sponsorship and branding, concessionary income, PR and much more.

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