UK Athletics Roadshow


To create a roadshow attraction to promote Norwich Union’s sponsorship of UK Athletics.
The roadshow was intended to cover a variety of sporting activities and skills to support the premise that Athletic Skills are the basis of most sports.
The activities and activity housings were designed to be useable in any conditions and provide an all-weather attraction at venues and events across the UK.


We combined;nu-02

  • A Domed Event Village
  • 20m Sprint Tunnel, Sprint Track and Sprint Radar
  • Field Sport Throwing Cage
  • 3 x Individual Sports Cages
  • TrickShot Basketball Activities
  • 2 x Arch Entrances
  • 2 x 10m High SkyGuys
  • Full Operational & Promotional Event Team
  • The Results:

  • Massive Press Coverage promoting sponsorship and activity delivery
  • City wide activations “spread the word” for major athletic events occurring in following weeks
  • Opportunities created for local school children to participate in roadshow
  • Increased “walk by” interest and knowledge of sporting / healthy activations and their availability
  • Massively positive feedback from teachers, in relation to their children’s enthusiasm for these new
    (any) sports
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